LAST UPDATED: 03/20/2022

name. nona m'e (no name)
nickname. blue, lad, boy
age. 22 years old
race. miqo'te (keeper)
pronouns. he/him.
sexuality. ??? ??? ?

  • konpeito (star candy)

  • meat

  • the color blue

  • open spaces

  • starry nights

  • the smell of rain

  • ale

height. 5 fulm
alignment. chaotic neutral
occupation. none at the moment
class. rogue
city-state aff. limsa lominsa
favorite color. blue

  • that bastard captain

  • his ex-crew

  • being controlled


  • roses - rose scented oils & rose teas & rose candies

  • his scars

  • books (can't read)

PLEASE NOTE: Nona uses the female Miqo'te model but he is, in fact, trans. The closest identity would be "pre-op". However at the moment, he has no interest (or clue about, really) on transitioning. That being said, no transphobic remarks or terms.


Hated | Hostile | Unfriendly | Neutral | Friendly | Honored | Revered | Exalted

★☆☆☆☆ (1-5) Rank

Meridian Fennel

Frey Underbridge

Mars Vespira

Adrasteius Solumieux

Vaati Auv'rahne

L'nhea Tia

Fehre'a Khaari








PLEASE NOTE: This is for fun and not indicative of past, current, or future relationships with said characters listed here. The ratings can and will change as he interacts more with others.

Welcome and well met, traveler. I am the mun behind Nona and some other characters. I operate out of Pacific Standard Time (PST) and roleplay across the Crystal Data Center. Nona is not my main RPC but I put a great deal of investment in him, so I appreciate you checking out his carrd.

I don't have much to say about myself! I've been roleplaying for 15+ years across various platforms but have only been RPing on FFXIV for about 2ish years now.


  • He was part of a pirate crew known simply as the Weeping Dahlias, on a ship called Ferry of the Damned. Their leader, a vicious pirate, is now dead by his hands. Nona is on the run, fearing the wrath of his dead captain's lover and co-captain.

  • The captain, acquired Nona while he was still a young child of maybe 6 or 7 years old. Nona does not recall his life prior to joining the crew. Initially, the captain didn't care about him until developing an abusive bond and fixation that would keep Nona by their side as he grew up. He eventually acquired the nickname, "Little Rose" and was not allowed to be close to anyone in the crew. Still, the captain did not care to stop the fights or beatings, but would act against those who were kind or remotely affectionate to him.

  • Now free from his abuser's hold, Nona has no intentions of ever going back to that life. He is learning to be on his own and to understand himself as a person - not an object.


  • The scrappiest Keeper you will ever meet. He does what he can to survive.

  • He's brash and speaks plainly.

  • If you punch, he punches back. And bite. And kick. And claw.

  • Crumbling self-esteem and self-worth.

  • Does not like to sleep and will only do so if he absolutely must.

  • Untrusting of everyone and everything.

  • Gullible to a fault. He is easy to manipulate, given the right opportunity.

  • Frustrated with others but more so himself, honestly.

  • Limited mostly to in game interactions - if you see the RP tag on, WU/T, WU/S is fine.

  • There are dark topics touched upon and explored with Nona's character and background. This carrd does not go into details but some include: abuse (physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual), violence, etc. I am okay with discussing and exploring these topics but will not force anything on anyone nor would I hope others pressure on me.

  • Please no godmodding or metagaming involved. (Unprompted) acts of violence are fine but anything that will leave permanent scarring or pain must be discussed with me first.

  • OOC =/= IC and vice versa. I am not my OC. Additionally, please don't conflate his feelings or actions as what I feel or would do. If you have an issue, please talk to me.

  • I do not ERP with Lalafells. I don't accept ERP solicitations.